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Earth Born is a video game inside the world of Eastward. After purchasing a Memory Card in early game it can be played on televisions found in cities.


Near Earth Born machines are Pixball machines which dispense collectable monsters in exchange for tokens. These monsters each corrispond to an item which can be used inside Earth Born.



The ultimate enemy awaits! Keep fighting!

Use AP to unleash fearsome skills!

Skills are the key to victory!

Use AP to unleash skills. The stronger the skill the more AP it requires.

Your AP will replenish itself as you fight.

Teamwork is Dreamwork!

As the knight you can take the field with up to two allies at a time.

Strategically switch out your allies based on the needs of the battle!

Win and Grow Stronger!

Earn gold and experience by winning battles.

Gain enough experience and you'll gain levels, allowing you to grow stronger and learn more-powerful skills!


You'll never walk alone! Allies await your call!

Your very First Team!

You'll begin your adventure with three allies - the merchant, the monkey, and the mysterious young girl.

Protect them with your life! They help they'll provide on the road ahead is immeasurable!

Seek Out Powerful Allies!

Strong warriors all across the world are waiting to join your quest. Explore the land and seek them out!

Upon joining, they'll be great assets to your team for the rest of the game.

Collect Powerful Equipment

Buy new weapons and magic items from the merchant or find them while exploring caves. Better equipment can completely turn the tide of battle!


Explore the strangest and most dangerous world!

Mysterious Seagull Statues!

Find the seagull statues scattered across every corner of the world!

Use the statues to travel instantly from one location to another is the only way to beat the Demon King within seven days!

Activate a statue once and you can continue using it throughout the rest of the game.

Fierce Cave-Dwelling Enemies

Menacing caves rife with danger lay scattered across the land.

Challenge them to earn experience and treasure!

Adventurers Need Their Rest!

The inn serves as a home base for the knight and his companions. Take time to rest before moving on to your next adventure! Adn don't forget about the allies awaiting your call at the tavern!

Completing the Game

Different screen modes, unlocked after the first run

Beating the game for the first time unlocks the option to select different screen modes[1]


There are two achievements which can be earned by completing Earth Born.

Icon Name Description Notes
Achievement Another Story.jpg Another Story Defeat the Demon King in Earth Born.
Achievement Earth Born.jpg Earth Born Complete the true ending in Earth Born. Hidden until unlocked