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Les Objets de quête (objets-clés) are items which are collected and purchased to advance quests in the game. These items do not take up space in the player's inventory, and instead are stored in the 'Status' menu under the 'Quest Items' section.

Quest Items

Icon Item Name Description Location
Memory Card.png
Memory Card A memory card for Earth Born. Necessary to play the game.
Wild Love.png
Wild Love You'll go wild for this magazine.
Treasure Radar.png
Treasure Radar Called the "Treasure Hunter's Nose," it can find even the most hidden of treasures.
Mayor's Reference Letter.png
Mayor's Reference Letter A hard-earned reference letter from the mayor. With it, Sam can go to school.
Earth Born Manga.png
Earth Born Manga Written for kids, but loved by all.
Digger Contract.png
Digger Contract Contract for Potcrock Isle's diggers. Unfair no matter how you look at it.
Gel Dropped from slugs in the dig site. Gross but useful.
Lucky Coin.png
Lucky Coin Given to Daniel by his father
"Friends of Johnny" Card.png
"Friends of Johnny" Card Card for frequent customers of Johnny's Emporium. Offers discounts across all Johnny's Emporium branches.
Slime-Breeding Furnace.png
Slime-Breeding Furnace Equipment used by Alva's grandpop. Left behind in Oldtown during the evacuation. Supposedly an important component of MIASMA research.
Subway Pass.png
Subway Pass A gift from Mung. Allows you to ride the subway as many times as you like.
Blimpig Ranch Seal of Approval.png
Blimpig Ranch Seal of Approval Received from Miller at the Blimpig Ranch. Proof of superior blimpig wrangling.
Red Shoes.png
Red Shoes Red shoes given to Sam by Alva because John never though to buy her any shoes.
Coin Palace Membership Card.png
Coin Palace Membership Card Only members can get inside New Dam City's hottest entertainment spot.
Glazy Berries.png
Glazy Berries Red berries that glisten like jewels.
King Krab.png
King Krab New Dam City's famous crab. Exquisite and delicious.
Beetle Queen Costume.png
Beetle Queen Costume The Beetle Queen's costume. Increases the sex appeal of its wearer.
Lab Assistant Badge.png
Lab Assistant Badge Given by Alva to her lab assistants. A symbol of prestige in the city.
Pearl of the Valley.png
Pearl of the Valley Rare and beautiful pearl. Guaranteed to get you the love you need.
Golden Valley Snapper.png
Golden Valley Snapper Quake Valley's diamond in the rough. Favorite food of the Temblor Fish.
Curry Bento Box.png
Curry Bento Box Alva's favorite curry.
Solomon's Key (Courage).png
Solomon's Key (Courage) Solomon's key. No one knows what it's for.
Prop Gun.png
Prop Gun A Monkollywood prop. Though lacking bullets, it can still hit "enemies."
Monkollywood Contract.png
Monkollywood Contract Official proof of performance in a Monkollywood production.
Solomon's Key (Strength).png
Solomon's Key (Strength) Solomon's key. No one knows what it's for.
Package A package that must be delivered "today."
Emotion Chip.png
Emotion Chip Use to enhance a robot's emotions. Robots with this chip installed can even cry, though no one knows why.
Flame of Time.png
Flame of Time Use to open the Eternal Tower.
Solomon's Key (Wisdom).png
Solomon's Key (Wisdom) Solomon's key. No one knows what it's for.
Ester City Logistics.png
Ester City Logistics Launched by the Lumpy Pirates, this delivery company became the go-to service for delivering packages in Ester City.