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Prologue: The World Above

A Digger's life

« « Hurry to the dig site. If you're late, your pay will be docked... »

After leaving John's house head west to leave Potcrock Isle and enter the Dig Site.

« « Save the dig site from the slug attack. »

Clear each of the Slug Nests from the Dig Site. First connect the broken wires to open the locked door, and collect Bombs. With bombs the nests can be easily destroyed. Complete more wire connection puzzles to advance through the area and destroy all the nests.

« « Ask Mason at the Sunnyside Ranch to fix John's pan. Otherwise, you won't be able to make dinner. »

Head north of John's house in Potcrock Isle and then east from the School front. This will lead to Sunnyside Ranch, and the man just inside the entrance will fix John's broken pan.

« « The pan is fixed—and stronger, too! But first? Dinner. »

Return back to John's house

« « Dangerous work, fierce battles, and meager pay—this is just one day in John's life as a digger. There is, however, occasional good news. For instance, tomorrow, Sam gets to start school. »

Chapter 1: Coming Up for Air

School Days

« « Today's my first day of school. Let's hurry so I'm not late. »
« « I need a reference letter from the mayor so I can go to school. »
« « Thanks to Chuck, we got the reference letter. Back to school then! »
« « There's still a long time before school gets out. Go kill some time around town. »
« « Looks like Sam's gotten into some trouble at school. »
« « Daniel's fallen into the tunnel beneath the school. »
« « Another exciting day! Head back and make dinner for those growling tums. »
« « The first day of school went off without a hitch. We even saved Daniel from the tunnel under the school! It almost reminded me... of when John first found me. I hope Daniel and I can be friends after this. »

The Forbidden Land

« « It's open house at the school today, which means John can go, too. »
« « Sam's run into the Forbidden Land! Find her before something terrible happens. »
« « Hurry! Find the exit! Go, Sam! Go! »
« « Quick! Find the gel for John! »
« « Hurry home. John needs that gel—and fast! »
« « Sam caused a big commotion during open house at school. John managed to find her in the Forbidden Land, but not before being injured by one of the monsters there. Even worse? That nasty mayor threw us in jail! »

Prison Break

« « One cave after another. Maybe this is our chance to escape! »
« « We may have escaped the jail, but we couldn't escape the mayor's judgment. Luckily, Charon didn't turn out to be nearly as scary as the mayor made it out to be. It took us away from Potcrock Isle, and now our adventure on the surface has begun. »

Chapter 2: What the Forest Taught Me


« « Whitewhale Bay doesn't look that dangerous. Let's go check it out. »
« « Uva said there's an old cabin outside town we can stay in. »
« « Seems the Blimpig Ranch is short on hands. We can find it near the entrance to the Strange Forest. »
« « Uva's already finished making dinner. Let's get back to Greenberg. »
« « Our first day on the surface, we discover a village called Greenberg. The mayor here is super nice. We also met a kind-hearted lady named Uva. Everyone has been so welcoming. »

An Uninvited Guest

« « Chase the rascally fence-breaking scoundrel and teach him a lesson. »
« « A strange facility deep in the Strange Forest. Let's get out of here quick—this place gives me the creeps! »
« « With everything wrapped up, all that's left is to enjoy the night's party! »
« « We hunted down the criminal who broke the Blimpig Ranch's fence! Feels like we're Greenberg's new protectors. Things turned creepy when we ran into a strange facility in the forest, but the amazing party more than made up for it! »


« « Head to the station—quick! It's the only way out. »
« « The MIASMA swallowed Greenberg, leaving us with no choice but to run once more... »

Chapter 3: Winning Big

New Dam City

« « I've never seen such a big city! It's probably full of all kinds of challenges and opportunities. »
« « Seems Alva's Lab is currently looking for lab assistants. Why not check it out? »
« « Our first mission from Alva—to retrieve a slime-breeding furnace from Oldtown. »
« « The station outside town is swarming with monsters. Take them out! »
« « The path to Oldtown has been opened up. Time to find that slime-breeding furnace. »
« « Mission accomplished! Report back to Alva with the slime-breeding furnace. »
« « As soon as we reached New Dam City, we found the perfect job—lab assistants at Alva's Lab! Even better? Alva gave me a pair of shoes, and they look amazing! »

The Coin Palace

« « Go check out the Coin Palace. It seems like a fun place. »
« « It's time to eat, and Sam's not back yet. Hopefully she's okay. »
« « The Coin Palace is such a fun place, it almost made me forget about dinner! »
« « Had a blast at the Coin Palace today. Then, we got to meet Lee. He seems pretty cool. Not sure why everyone is so scared of him. »

A Berry Good Jam

« « Today's recipe calls for glazy berries. But to get some, we'll have to visit Hillman's Ranch outside town. »
« « Glazy berries in hand, all that's left is to head back to the Rocket Mansion and show Lee up! »
« « We may have failed with the glazy berries, but that doesn't mean it's over. Next time, we'll definitely make Lee eat his words! »

A Big Dam Plan

« « The famous King Krabs are back in stock. Better go place an order! »
« « Once we buy King Krabs, we can start cooking. »
« « The King Krabs have run away! Nab them before they get away for good. »
« « The troupe's in trouble! We can't just stand by and watch this happen, can we? »
« « Because we decided to help the troupe, we ended up failing big time with our crab pot. We only have one more chance to win. »

A Golden Feast

« « Meet William and Daniel at the "Big" Station. »
« « Quake Valley is to the east at the far end of the junkyard. »
« « Find the Temblor Fish and we find the Golden Valley Snapper. »
« « This is our last chance! Back to the Rocket Mansion to face off against Lee. »
« « Lee said the meal tasted like friendship. So deep! I feel like I... kinda understand what he means. »

To the Hot Springs

« « If we don't have anything else to do, let's meet up with Alva and Isabel at the hot springs outside the city. »
« « Every day has been an adventure since we arrived in New Dam City, from becoming Alva's lab assistants to winning a bet against Lee. I wish I could tell my friends back in Potcrock Isle all about it! But even more, I hope that we can stay in New Dam City for good. »

Chapter 4: Dance of Death

The Wind God

« « The MIASMA is attacking New Dam City! Alva needs our help in the control room. »
« « The Wind God is about to activate! Our mission is to make sure everyone in New Dam City gets evacuated to the Coin Palace. Let's head there for more info. »
« « There are people missing from the Coin Palace. Jasper's still in the park! »
« « Go to the Coin Palace to ask the citizens of New Dam City for information. »
« « Someone saw the two brothers at the Dragon Market. Go check it out! »
« « The Wind God will be activated soon. Hurry back to the control room. »
« « The MIASMA wasn't scary at all. Together with Alva, Isabel, Lee, and the Wind God, John and I were able to protect New Dam City. »

Second Wave

« « John created some curry for lunch. Go deliver it to Alva and Isabel in the control room. »
« « The MIASMA's back! And Alva needs our help. Let's get to the control room. »
« « Solomon broke the Wind God. Though Alva was able to get it started back up... she... »

Chapter 5: The Knight and the Princess

The Aftermath

« « The MIASMA may have left, but the monsters remain. Someone's trapped in Lowtown. »
« « How could I have let myself sleep this long?! John's already left! He probably needs my help. »
« « Those two brothers have gotten themselves in trouble again. This time, they're trapped inside the dam. »
« « That person said all of this is my fault. I beat them, but then nothing changed. And now Alva and Isabel are gone, too... »

Chapter 6: Once Upon a Time in Monkollywood

Eastward Bound

« « I've decided to go looking for Alva—and find a way to destroy the MIASMA! However, first I need to find a way to get to Ester City. »
« « We're finally on the road again, this time with William and Daniel. I just know we'll find Alva and Isabel. I know! »


« « The Iron Carbine has gotten itself stuck in some fog. Perhaps there's a clue for how to get out aboard this train. Might as well look while the Iron Carbine's being fixed. »
« « The monkeys ask John to be in their movie. As payment, they've offered to give us their rocket. »
« « The rocket is in the storage car up ahead. »
« « Turns out the Rocket Knight's rocket was nothing more than a piece of the set. It's already pretty late, so let's go find the producer and get some rest. We'll come up with a plan tomorrow. »
« « We got stuck in some weird fog and ended up on a train full of monkeys! The clue to getting out—and making it to Ester City—has got to be hidden here somewhere. »


« « Another Solomon appeared, and he locked us up with the monkeys. Before we'll be able to take him on, we'll need to find our weapons. »
« « It's time to take down Solomon! »
« « Isabel's rocket is somewhere here in Monkollywood. If we find it, we should be able to blast through the fog. »
« « Daniel attached Isabel's rocket to the Iron Carbine. Ester City feels closer now than ever. We're so close to finding Alva and Isabel! »

Chapter 7: The Turn of the Century

Ester City

« « One second, we're in Ester City. And the next? We've been whisked away to the Island of Time! »
« « We've somehow become delivery people for Cap'n Pam, and now we need to deliver letters to people in Ester City. »
« « We've finished making all the deliveries! Let's head back to the dock for our reward. »
« « We finally made it to Ester City! And became... delivery people? But more importantly, we found out Daniel wasn't able to have his operation. We should help him out before looking for Isabel. »

Looking for Clues

« « We've returned to the Island of Time. This time we're definitely going to figure out what's going on! »
« « It seems we're in some kind of cycle—we still need to deliver the same letters to the same people of Ester City. »
« « It seems Floyd at the graveyard has the emotion chip that Daniel needs for his operation. Hopefully Cap'n Pam will take us back to the Island of Time! »
« « There's definitely something up with Ester City—but we haven't figured out what yet. At least we know what to do about Daniel's operation though! »


« « We're back on the Island of Time again! At any rate, let's see if we can get Floyd to give us that emotion chip. »
« « Let's get that emotion chip over to Red Rocket Repair so Daniel can have his operation. »
« « Daniel's operation is over, but we've still got other deliveries to make before we're done. »
« « Everything seems to be done for now, so let's head back to the dock. Cap'n Pam seemed like he had something else for us to do. »
« « Looks like there's one last letter to deliver—this time to Ivan at the Ester Hotel. »
« « We finally saw Isabel! Well, her projection, to be more accurate. But now it feels like we're closer to finding her than ever! »

Blast from the Past

« « To find out more about Isabel, it looks like we'll need to go find a man named Thomas on the Island of Time. »
« « Thomas will wait for us back at the dock. Then, it's back to Ester City! »
« « More letters to deliver! Hopefully, after we're done, we'll finally learn something about Isabel. »
« « Let's head back to the dock and find Thomas. »
« « Seems Cap'n Pam and Thomas have already left for the Eternal Tower. They must have found something! »
« « Isabel must have left other messages around Ester City. Let's use the Sonic Punk to find them! »
« « Back to the Island of Time! Where the final clue awaits! »
« « The Flame of Time just has to be in Solomon's grave. »
« « Thanks to Isabel's clues, we were able to find the Flame of Time. All that's left now is to enter the Eternal Tower. »

The Eternal Tower

« « Use the Flame of Time to enter the Eternal Tower. »
« « Alva and Isabel must be at the top of the tower. Let's go! »
« « The time field's been deactivated, revealing the true Ester City... We still need to get to the top of the Eternal Tower. »
« « Alva wasn't here. Isabel wasn't here either. The only thing we found was Charon. Daniel was destroyed. And now SHE's taken control of me again... »

Chapter 8: Mother


« « Sam. Save Sam. »
« « Let's go! This is the final battle. Let's finish this! »

Epilogue: Eastward

There are no quests in the Epilogue